Belgian Waffle

What is Belgian Waffle?


When a chick is going down on you and you hit her ass with a tennis racket as your busting.

I gave this bitch a Belgian waffle last night.


The act of defecating on a laptop keyboard, then closing the laptop to mold the feces into the shape of a Belgian Waffle. The laptop is then left closed until someone (preferably the owner) opens the laptop to discover the waffle. This is typically performed as a final act of defiance when one's employment is terminated.

It is also simply known as a "Belgian" in corporate culture.

After Reginold was notified he would be fired for stealing office supplies, he left a Belgian Waffle on his superior's Dell waiting for him overnight.

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your giving your guy head next to and ironing board. right before he's about to cum slap his ass with a hot iron on his cheeks.

He wanted me to give him head so i made him a special belgian waffle.


A sex act in which a person puts on waffle-stomper boots and stomps on a penis and then sucks on it, blood and all.

"I love Belgian Waffles."

"Do you want to go to IHOP then?"

"Only if they hop on my penis. I'll go get my boots."

"Wait... what?"

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