What is Belle?


Means beautiful in French. Describing a beautiful, attractive girl.

Elle est belle.

(She is beautiful)


hottest girl in the world.

"dude did you see belle down the hall?"

"hell yeah! she's fucking hot!!"


very cool : D

belle is very cool.

See belle


Goes particularly well with Michaels and Gavins

Michael should so go with Belle!

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short girl,high class fashionable at life,smart in school.she is very ditzy,like a pino blonde.Skank!haha jk.

dude love your clothes,so belle.

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To do a belle is to skip school the day before a test to study.

No wonder he got an A, he did a belle.

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A word used to describe those midget-type angry women, who have to compensate for their shortcomings by playing juvenile games with other cruddies.

That Belle sure doesn't know how to accept responsibility for her actions. Hopefully she'll be smarter one day, but I won't hold my breath.


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