Bellevue High

What is Bellevue High?


A school in bellevue, washington ranked 10th in the nation for football and 17th in the nation for academics. Often stereotyped by other schools because of the small amount of wealthy people who attend. In reality, only a small portion of bellevue is the wealthy. So stop hatin!

How's your football team doing?

Well, we were doing well until we got dominated by bellevue high.


A high school of predominantly upper-middle class wankstas who can usually be found thuggin' it up at the 7 eleven, poppin' caps in whitey, or runnin' from po pos.

The confused young Bellevue High student mistook himself for 50 Cent and got the shit beaten out of him while bumpin' through the hood with his homies in Seattle.


One of the top 20 high schools in the state. Great football, but can't seem to beat their top rival, MERCER ISLAND, in Lacrosse or swimming, or anything else besides football. (Guys from both schools are convinced that they're gangsters. You're not. Get over it. Girls, in no way, find that attractive.)

Since I am an Islander, writing on a Bellevue High page, I think I should probably represent my Island as best I can. Ya, so maybe the vast majority of people who reside on Mercer Island are upper-middle to upper class, but I mean, come on. You people have Medina. You have Bill Gates. I think that more than compensates. Now, I know you people seem to all hate our high school, but the only reason that we, well, perform in academics better is because of the immense amount of pressure we are put under to succeed. Some people, like myself, do well under this type of pressure, while other melt down. You should feel lucky that you people get to have normal lives. My parents don't push me too much but now, even in the 8th grade, I'm already preparing myself for college. I will be trying to get into Lakeside in 10th grade. Trust me, all you people have it good.

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