Ben Stiller

What is Ben Stiller?


We all know who he is. I blew him.

I blew Ben Stiller. Then we did massive coke. Real horror show

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Quite possibly the greatest actor in Existance. Often noted for his roles in movie such as, "Meet the Parents", and "Zoolander". He is a core member of todays "Frat Pack", which consists of Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, and of course Ben Stiller, also occasionally containing Jack Black, and Steve Carell. Ben Stiller is often associated with the trendy catch phrase "Blue Steel". I have met Ben Stiller myself, and he is as nice and funny as he is in all his movies.. I highly suggest seeing anything that stars him.

Did you catch the new Ben Stiller movie? His Blue steel was Awesome!!

Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller are always acting together in all their movies these days!

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Actor with huge ears. They may also be used as wings. He's able to hear things from a very long distance.

Guy #1: Did you hear that explosion in my country?

Guy #2: Who do you think I am, Ben Stiller?

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Also known as a "Stiller" This is when you shoot a monster load into your girlfriends hair when she is asleep or passed out.

My girlfriend denied me sex, so I gave her a Ben Stiller while she was sleeping (jerked off and came in her hair). She woke up looking like Cameron Diaz in Something About Mary.

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A person is not slang unless they can be used as a part of speech. Remember Jeff Gilooly? He was famous for hitting Nancy Kerrigan in the knee so to "Gilooly" someone is to strike them in the patella. Ben Stiller is famous in acting in movies so..n you Stiller someone? If you did, would that imply that you helped their acting career?

You blew him? So that's how he got herpes.


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