Ben Wilson

What is Ben Wilson?


A famous Australian adolescent,

Physical Features: Tall, pristine white skin, long messy hair, thin, lean with crazy eyes.

Ben Wilson Grazes around Bankstown and Picnic point.

He is a chronic sufferer of RVD (random violence disorder) although it seems to be in remission.

He Believes that if he does something then EVERYBODY else does it, if you disagree with him in any way he will "shank you"

Ben Wilson eats a diet of Hungry Jacks, and various other

fatty snack foods although he retains his slim physique through heavy masturbation and shanking.

Ben has a dashing female partner by the name of Kylie Huang, a word of advice, don't mess with Kylie you are almost guaranteed to wake up from a coma 6 years after you do with heavy shank wounds to your body.

Ben Wilson: Have you seen Billy Madison

Jared: no

Ben: I've seen billy madison, that means everybody must have seen it oh my god.

Ben Wilson: do you eat weet bix?

Jared: no

Ben Wilson: oh my god! *shanks*

See benji, benny


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