Ben Zona

What is Ben Zona?


hebrew for son of a bitch.

Aben zona aze achal li et apita.

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Ben - son

Zone - Whore

It's the most common curse in the Hebrew language. Used sometimes as a good thing. You know, like bad means good.

1. "Ben zona! You stepped on my foot!" (-negative)

2. "Man! Living in Israel is Ben Zona!" (-positive)

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hebrew: son of a bitch,or being more precise, a whore's son.

the most common curse in israel. very basic but not too harsh.

"ben zona" can describe a very good thing ass well.

ha ben zona diber im ishti = that son of a bitch spoke to my wife.

eiza tahat ben zona= she has a killer ass!


very common use in hebrew to define that something is very very good,

this movie was ben zona

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1.a curse word in hebrew meaning " son of a bitch"

2.hebrew slang for a positive thing, like " the shit" or "bad" in english.

1.ya ben zona homo, lech timtzotz zain. (translation: You fag son of a bitch, go suck dicks.)

2.haia seret masheu ben zona. (translation: That movie was the shit.)

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A curse word used in Israel which means "son of a bitch" or "son of a whore". You can also say "zona" which obviously means "bitch or "whore".

Royi - Daniel, Ani lezayen tachat otcha! ya ben zona! (Daniel, ima fuck your ass! you son of a bitch)

Daniel - Ken Royi, Ani ben zona ve ima sheli metumtam.(Yes Royi, Im a son of a bitch and my mom is stupid)

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