What is Bena?


(NOUN) An cute Asian girl that looks much younger then she truly is. Usually quiet/shy. Laughs at any joke and uses her misleading looks as a tool of seduction

Guy 1: "Damn when did middle school girls start getting tongue rings and hanging out with college guys? ... shes been flirting with me all night."

Guy 2: "Bro thats a bena, shes older then you, she just looks mad young."

Guy 1: "Oh word? In that case.. she could get it."

See lolita, peaches, girl, asian, bana


A fat bald man with a huge penis. He is always right and loves the greatest sports teams. Generally the best at everything but losing. Very Elway-eske. But kinda has man boobs.

Good job! You bena-ed the hell out of that one.

See lurch, kielbasa, penetration


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