What is Benadryl?


An OTC antihistamine medicine which can be used as a recreational drug. When taken at the recreatinal dose, the person will hallucinate but will not know what is real and not, i.e. they will talk to a person that is not really there or try to interact with things that are not really there. After the person has come down, they will usually will not remember what happened alot like a dream.

Benadryl is a legal, OTC, lame drug.

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if you want to get really fucked up fast.

you won't remember anything so its not that fun.

talk to people that arent there.

hear things that aren't there.

accidentally put plastic teapots on a stove.

take around 36 pills.

edge: hey man i heard you took benadryl and almost burned down your house

me: oh? did I? i cant remember.

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