What is Benanti?


1. To drink extremely unhealthy amounts of alcohol, preferably keystone.

2. To eat 2 -3 servings of Burger King a day, yet never become tired of it.

3. To look and act frighteningly similar to Seth in Superbad, often causing strangers to take a second glance.

4. To consider a 9:30 am class late enough to go out and binge drink the night before.

5. To be fat and DAMN WELL PROUD OF IT. So much that one is part of a secret society known as the "Fat Club."

6. To spend 2/3 of one's college life at a local bar known as "Third Base" aka "THE PAGE."

7. To smoke approx. 2 packs of, and nothing but, Marlboro Reds a day, especially while drinking Keystone.

8. To be classified as Jewish, although one is not (*Proof Needed*).

9. To frequent Stewart Sump to drink Keystones if or if not weather permits.

10. To often be confused with a popular type of chair, known as a "bean bag chair" when standing still.

"Yo dude, today I could have sworn I saw Jonah Hill, you know that guy from Superbad, at Burger King. But then I realized it was just Benanti because he was smoking a red and shot gunning a Keystone."

See drunk, keystone, seth, beer, idiot, beans


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