What is Benching?


The act of sitting on a subway bench in order to observe passing graffiti. Often to find influences.

I've been benching all day for a good piece.

See bench, graffiti, sitting, waiting


the time spent photographing or watching graffiti on trains, more specifically passenger and freight trains.

we set up the grill and drank all day while we were out were out in milwaukee, benching by miller park

See graffiti


the act of remaining online and on call as an alternate member of your guild's raid in an MMORPG(e.g. World of Warcraft). this usually involves staying out of all other groups while at the level cap. it has been found to be very unpleasant, as it involves wasting time in the game that you've already wasting playing the game.

There are way too many death knights that are better geared than me attending the raid. Now I'm benching in case someone doesn't show or has to log. In the meantime I can't run any heroics to increase my status as a badge whore.

See benched, waiting, on call, mmorpg, failure


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