What is Benchwarmer?


someone who does not play because either

-Their Coaches are fucking retards and dont like them

-Others kids ahve the coaches balls in their mouth

-they are terrible


Benchwarmer means

1. "how come bob doesnt play?"

"because he told coach john to go fuck himself"

2. "Why does anthony play over bob?"

"because anthony has the coaches cock in his mouth"

3. "How come billy hasnt played yet?"

"Because he is fat and terrible"

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Benchwarmer is:

1) In sport, when player is not playing because he is on replacement.

2) In life, when someone is not trying to reach something in the goal of life

1) Defoe is not playing because he is on replacement, today will play Roman Pavlyuchenko.

2) He have not realised this plan because he is not doing somethig for that. Benchwarmer!

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someone who warms the bench just for fun

joey likes to benchwarmer

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