What is Bendable?


Bendable is an adjective that is usually used by males (guys) to describe a chick they feel is good enough to have sex with. Being bendable doesn't necessarily make a chick hot. Being bendable just means that, if you asked or if the guy got the chance, he would bone you. So, in a sense, if you are not "bendable" you must be pretty ugly or messed up.

*Hot chick walks by*

Guy 1: "That chick is bendable, man."

*Okay-looking chick walks by*

Guy 2: "Yeah, she's bendable too."

*Fat, nasty, old chick walks by*

Guy 3: "Dude, she is NOT bendable. I'd never hit that."


adj - used to describe someone who is easily persuaded, or rules that can be broken (or "bent").


bending - to be dependent on some other event, used the same as "pending".

If you have heard someone use one of these in a sentence, it wouldn't quite make sense but you could figure out what they meant.


We should hook Andy up with some hookers.

Doesn't he have a girlfriend?

Yes, but he's pretty bendable in that department.

2.) Is your mom going to mad at us for drinking all the Dr. Pepper?

I don't know; that's bending.

See Stefanie


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