What is Bendejo?


A misspelling of the spanish curse word "Pendejo"

"Hey, Bendejo. Vete aa... lah chin..gada. Yeah, that's right. Cursing at you in Espanol mang!"

"Zhoo mean Pendejo, gringo."

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Spanish slang. Since swear words are nearly impossible to translate between languages because of synonyms (at least in English), intentions, implications, and subtleties, bendejo can mean dickhead, prick, asshole, or dipshit. It doesn't really identify with a single English word.

Miguel is such a dumbass--he's never serious and is always getting hit when he does stupid stuff, and he even laughs when he's getting beat up! What a bendejo!

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slang, derisive, meaning 'dickhead'

Can't you drive like a human being? You stupid bendejo!

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