What is Benefits?


sexual relations, sexual gratification, and otherwise sexual contact

as in 'friends with benefits have sex, whereas 'friends without benefits' do not


To have meaningless sex with a male/female without any relationship obligations. Sometimes the benefits are not the greatest, that means it's time to search for a new plan. Possibly one that will offer more of a variety and fits all your personal needs.


Benefits are sums of money that the goverment pays to the deprived and/or disabled people of the country. Those people who claim benefits illeagly are often reffered to as , spongers, scroungers and thieving cheating fuckin' pikey bastards, and so are thoose who recieve benefits legally in HUGE quantities

Them thieving cheating fuckin' pikey bastards down the road are on more BENEFITS then that woman off wife swap


Gives Chavs and Chavettes an excuse to breed excessively.

"Fuckin' c'mon, Katie, jus' one more o' these lil' bastards an' we can get on some fuckin' benefits!"

See benefits, advantage, profit, chav


money which the government give to people who have 10 kids with 10 different men. they are usually about 15 years old when they get to this stage. there children are usually pikeysor towniesthey live on council estates.

lets go get our benfits and then rob a house.

See louise


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