Bennicke Scale

What is Bennicke Scale?


Similar to the richter scale in measuring the magnitude of earthquakes, the Bennicke Scale measures the degree to which one is inebriated (or shitfaced). On a scale of One to ten, One being sober and Ten being a Danielle Marie Benicke (This being as drunk as you can possibly be without getting your stomach pumped). The units used on the Bennicke Scale are called Bennickes and each measurement is a fraction of a full Danielle. The Scale is named after the infamous 'Drunk' Danielle Bennicke.

"On a scale of one to Danielle, how drunk are you, Will?"

"I'm only at 6.7 on the Bennicke Scale, so I think I'm going to have a few more drunks"

"Hey Jonah, should we call you a ambulance? you're like a Danielle plus 2"

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