What is Bennifer?



1. An attractive couple that have money, fame and beauty yet are still universally hated by everyone.


1. A horrible combination that may ultimately bring about the apocalypse.

2. Combination of two things that seperately suck but when put together can achieve a level of sucking not understood by physics.

I got suckered into watching that bennifer movie and I started bleeding from the ears and eyes, which was a relief as then I couldn't see or hear the damn movie.

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A combination consisting of 50% Benjamin Geza Affleck, and 50% Jennifer Lynn Lopez, referred to as a single entity: Bennifer. Also known as Bennifer Lofleck, or Bennifer Affpez.


Yet another reason for stabbing Ben Afflek in the neck with a No 2 pencil over and over again.

Wow, I'm gonna kill Ben Afflek with a No 2 pencil.


A reference to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck as though they are one person and not two. Most often used out of hate or disgust and about movies which star both of them.

Dude! Did you see the new really shitty Bennifer movie?

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A predictable process between two people that begins with a white guy and latino woman appearing in a crappy movie together, screwing, getting engaged, planning a wedding, postponing it, then officially canceling it, and then never speaking again.

Ben and the Jen where in the Bennifer way!


Probably the funniest coupple in Hollywood history, right up there with the two individuals who were married for 6 hours back in 1919.


J-lo plus Ben equals who the hell cares.

Bennifer. Yippee.

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