Berks County

What is Berks County?



Berks County is full of parents that can't let go of their past and because of their affluence, decided to re-create it by recently switching back to two high schools. Unfortunately they didn't consider their children while making this decision and now the once wide varity of electives and extra ciricular activities have been cut in half. Berks has forgotten about their youth, their half ass excuse for a teen center and lack of anything to do for entertainment has lead to a widespread use of drugs. Oxy Cotin and cocaine are pretty popular.

Exeter is a club for elitests that can't afford to live in Wyomissing. Exeter is just a place to spend money. If you drive through here on a week night after 10 o'clock in anything less than a BMW, you're almost guaranteed to get pulled over by at least two cops.

Ever since the deindustrialization of Muhlenburg, the city has rendered itself a rather useless place (unless you're trying to pay cheap rent). Even though local government has attempted to clean up the city, Berks county considers Muhlenburg a dirty place where crappy drugs and after hours liquor stores are found in abundance. Unfourtunately it's doomed to stay this way unless the residents starts to care about the place they live. Litter covers more area in this city than the actual population.

As bad as Muhlenburg is, Reading takes the cake. The roads are just as bad as the people, cracked out and filthy. Litter however doesn't seem to be as big of a problem here but... the people themselves are trash. It's fair to assume most of the people in this city have lived under the powerlines for a number of years. Reading has some nicer areas where it starts to border Wyomissing and this is the area most Reading kids like to pride themselves on... but we all know Reading sucks, it's Kutztown's ugly sister.

Note: Racial profilingis common in all of Berks County.

Also Note: It's fair to assume that the youth population does at least 2 out of 4 listed below:

- Drinks and/or does drugs

- Listens to Dave Matthews

- Goes to private school

- Has mexicans do their landscaping

Lastely note: All Hill girls are sluts

Guy: "Wow... you must be rich, you're from Berks County!"

His Friend: "Nah... I'm from inner-city Reading."

Guy: "Oh..."


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