What is Bermuda?


A really beautiful island in the Atlantic Ocean. The people are friendly and beautiful. They wear Bermuda Shorts sometimes.

I live in Bermuda. I love it here.

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a deserted island with VERY sexy people...and the best food and rum

the best place on earth to live


Tiny island, beautiful people.

Just to clarify ...

1)Bermuda does not rely "almost entirely on the tourists industry" actually that has been in decline for a while and the major money comes from expat reinsurance businesses that set up there to avoid US tax stuff.

2)its true some of the schools don't have the best reputations but don't be mislead. many middle class families that can afford it usually send their kids to boarding schools in the uk (a few to the us) so they are smart as!

3)Bermudians are chill and tall and are usually very friendly

4)Bermudians are good at cricket- they are famous for this not footy skills

"You die and go to heaven, I'll stay here in Bermuda"

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A very very small island off the coast of the United States that believes itself to be its own country when it really is just part of the UK. It is a place for tourist to go in the winter and it relize almost entirely on the tourists industry. Stuff there is way too expensive. But there is really good fishing off its coast. Be careful of the crazy bus drivers. It is also a place where toy guns are illegal. Drinking age is 18 and partying goes on every day.

The natives are nice but really moody and short. They are also known to spontaniously spaz out at random things that normally wouldn't piss regular people off. They use wierd slang such as "bye". Poeple from Bermuda are also really stupid because the schools there are really really sucky. However they are sick at soccer just like every country part of the UK.

"Why the fuck did complementing him piss him off so much?"

"He is from Bermuda, what do u expect?"

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island of short people unsexy people

jessic is from bermuda

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