What is Bernard?


A man built like a house, with a sizzling personality and amazing shoulders who also does not know what soon means.

That house is built like a Bernard.

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The most awsome person in the world that is god like in everybodys eyes.

Bernard is a God!

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A Golden dog known as a retrieving dog. Also defined as a golden retreiver. Loves to Pant in your face. Loves to shake that thang (tail) all the time. Steals shoes to greet you. Whines when excited.

WOAH ur so annoying..geez you bernard!!

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A pedotastic man, complete with a bushy mustache and suggestive, waggling eyebrows in dire need of a good waxing.

"Bernard over there is giving me the creeps."

"No kidding. Look at him eying those little boys like some sort of hairy Michael Jackson!"

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this is a slag, commonly known as a slag, but also known as a slag, and a slag.

bernard is a slag and is a coffin dodger

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