What is Bernice?


Bernice is a beautiful name for gorgeous women and girls. Bernice means precious and priceless.

You know my girlfriend Bernice? She's drop dead gorgeous

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Means ''bringer of victory''

a creative person,and mostly a pushover.

pretty with small imperfections.childish and cheerful.a daydreamer.kind and caring.

possibility of being a bookworm.

fren:hey bernice!

bernice:hey wads up???

fren:treat me to a drink!

bernice:ok lets go to the bar....!

next day~

fren:yo bernice!!omg,ytd i went to the bar n tis hawt guy asked 4 my no.!!!!

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Bernice is a cadillac superior royale tiarra limosine funeral coach. She's got a 4-29 V-8 Engine, offering 340 VHP at 4600 revolutions per minute. a 21 foot beauty with a 156 inch wheel base, containing a 4 barrel rodchester, quadrojet carburator. WITH turbo-hydromatic transmission. Bernice wieghs over 6,000 pounds. the infamous hearse from the movie "grand theft parsons".

hippie- meet bernice!

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