What is Bernied?


Drunk This word derives from the act of being so drunk that you are incapacitated to the point that you are helpless and need assistance from friends in order to move.

The movie Weekend at Bernie's is the prime example of this word. Althogh Bernie Lomax was dead he was still livin it up. He even plugged some broad when he was "Bernied." His action is a perfect example of what does/could/sometimes happen when severely intoxicated


To be cheated or short changed out of money. To be ripped off. to be taken by another. Derived from the bernie Maddoff scandel whre he ripped off investors for 60 billion dollars

When getting change back at the cash register, the cashier short changes you. "excuse me sir or madam you just "bernied" me."

See lied, short changed, con


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