What is Berry?


A police car. The red lights on old cop cars looked like a berry on top of an ice cream. "Berry flashing those high beams" refers to a cop behind your car signalling for you to pull over.

"Didn't even see a berry flashing those high beams" -- Ice Cube

See ac


a po-lice car.

"Once I make this drug deal, man I'll be loaded! I'll be rollin' through town in Hummers and Benzs within a week motherfucker!"

"Fool the only car you're gonna be rollin' thru town in is a BERRY! That guy you're selling to is a cop."

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(n) a cop car - the red light on top looks like a berry on top of an ice cream.

"Didn't even see a berry flashin those high beams" - ice cube, today was a good day


Popping A mans cherry! Taking a mans virginity.

I popped your berry!

I took your berry!

I laid down with him and he offered me his berry.

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Berrying is wheb a girl purs her favourite soauce (eg. chocolate, creeam, ketchu etc.) onto a boys penis, before giving him a blowjob.

"I totally used a berry on him last night. We used Ben & Jerry's ice cream."

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I Heard Shes A Berry, Shes Had A Girlfriend And A Boyfriend Before.

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A greeting, a way to agree that something is bad, or a way to describe something.

Luke: Joanne Harvey is pregnant.

Jack: Berry bad.

Luke: Berry.

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