What is Berto?


The coolest guy in the world!

I wish i was Berto


a short, black haired asshole** who is a really good friend for a really long time then totaly screws you over for no reason at all. just stops talking to you after you think your really close.

**not saying all short black haired men are assholes

my friend is being such a berto

woooowww hes being such a berto to her !

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Mate, Look At The Size Of My Berto

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1. (v.) to approach a task with such vigor that even the most objective and knowledgeable bystander will often forget its futility.

2. (v.) to absolutely butcher a task, whether futile or not.

1. "I just talked to Wendy. She has 3 days to do 11 years of back taxes. She said she was just going to put a pot of coffee on and Berto it."

2. "Three different friends had said nice things about me to Jill. Jill's not exactly a woman of great virtue, either, so when she asked to be taken home after we'd spent a great Friday night together, I knew I must have done something to Berto things up."

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The Common Drug dealer

Where's my berto with my nick

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Berto is the most retarded human being that ever got accepted to a four year college. He is from Hawaii, and is therefore not used to snow, or speaking English. He was also the valedictorian of his highschool, proving that Hawaii is possibly the dumbest state in the union.

"Berto, how does gravity work?" "It gets stronger as you go higher up..."


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