Berwick Academy

What is Berwick Academy?


Day school in South Berwick, Maine where the girls are as preppy as possible and the majority of the boys are neanderthal hockey players. K-12 with not too many people. The campus is wicked nice and resembles a small college. most of the buildings were donated by rich CEO's. The teachers are okay and there's a sweet cafe in the french class. its a pretty good school, academically- there's always a bunch of kids who get into the ivys. The parking lot is full of your typical little-rich-kid cars. Its pretty damn small though and the students tend to get antsy and want to go to bigger places like Phillips Exeter. Stlye of the students includes: LL Bean backbacks, Polo, Lilly, Flannel, Birkenstocks, Lots of multi-colored ribbons, zip up fleeces and big Berwick Academy sweatshirts. Their sports rivalry is Pingree.

did you guys see what the goon squad did yesterday?

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