What is Besmirtch?


he who has lots of wet dreams

besmirtch woke up thinking that he had pissed himself.

See Nalin


A very sexy man with an insanely large... ego.

That Besmirtch asked Milla on a date, but she slapped him in the face.



I hate besmirtch he is stupid. Also, your pronounciation of besmirtch is "bes mitch" you forgot the R stupid. spammer.


A cool guy, who wears hats.

That is one heck of a besmirtch. That fedora is rad.


1.A source of randomness.

2.An animal, when Hongry enjoys good times eating cool beans.

3. That's swell.

4. Abbreviated form - Bessy or Smirtch.

Hey Besmirtch I made a 100 dollars today! That's swell.


the HONGRIEST motherfucker to walk the face of the earth, second to Just Blaze of course!

Damn Smirtch, you HONGRY for them cool beans yo!!!


to insult a motherfucker

i'll besmirtch your ass


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