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When people type long nonsensical stuff on forums, comments, aim profiles etc...

I really hate coconut juice. I don't know why everybody likes it, whenever I'm at my friends house he always asks me to fetch him a can of coconut juice and I always think "I wonder if artificial coconut juice tastes good" and which brings me to the point of me thinking if artificial coconut juice really exists. Does it? And why do people make artificial flavours? Why can't they get the natural fruit in the drink. It's pretty easy, all you need to do is go to Dracula's house and ask him for some fruits like oranges. Then take the oranges and give them to Dracula and voila, orange juice. I once did a report on Dracula for my English teacher then she gave me an F for science. Today's society is filled with racist English teachers and artificial flavours. If you've ever noticed that artificial flavoured drinks never have pulp. Pulp Fiction are one of the greatest films ever made in the whole unvierse. Directed by Quentin Tarantino. Have you noticed that Quentin sounds like a artificial drink of some kind? I'm thirsty, ever been in the desert and you craved for water? I sure have, you see things called mirages, I'm sure you've heard of these. Have you been to the casino Mirage? I haven't but it looks cool. It's so hot right now. This room isn't cold enough, I need ice. You know Ice Cube? The rapper? He's the shittiest actor but a good rapper. What kind of crap is that? How do you feel about death metal? I remember Mitch Hedberg said in his one comedy show "My death metal band was called Injured" At least that's what I thought what he said. I got injured trying to handlebar ride. My ankle got involved and it hurt real bad. So yeah.... thank you for your time.

That's my Best post ever

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