Beta Theta Pi

What is Beta Theta Pi?


Fags who talk a lot of shit then when you confront them they call the cops like little cunts. The betas are the worst fucking fraturnity ever charterd. Their only purpose is to spread AIDS among each other until they are all dead.

Beta #1: Wanna Fuck Me In Me Ass? I'll Give A Reach Around!

Beta #2: WOULD I!!!!!


Beta Theta Pi was founded in 1839, one of the first Fraternities. Betas are known to be one of the best fraternities in the world. They are badasses!

Beta guys are studs who get mad pussy

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Beta Theta Pi is a fraternity founded in 1839. The organization is international, with over 123 chapters throughout the United States and Canada. Known on campus as Betas, members of the fraternity are highly respected, known for their dedication to brotherhood and cultivation to the intellect. Finally, the symbols related with Beta Theta Pi are the dragon, and three stars.

Once a Beta, Always a Beta, Everywhere a Beta! _kai_ Beta Theta Pi

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A fraternity established in 1839 at Miami University holding an extremly rich history and an extensive alumni base throughout the United States and the rest of the world. Today the fraternity is on the forefront in attempting to redefine Greek Life by bringing the original principles that fraternities were started upon back into college culture. Beta Theta Pi provides a good environment for young men entering college to discover their social, intellectual, and spiritual sides in a well rounded and diverse extended family. Membership is given to a very select group of individuals who exhibit a desire to engage in social interaction in a responsible way while still having a good time. True Betas are regarded as gentlemen and well respected.

The oldest continuous Chapter of Beta Theta Pi is at Washington and Jefferson, the Gamma Chapter.

The first Chapter was established at Miami University by eight young men in 1839. The Alpha Chapter was founded by men who went on to be, among other things, A presidential elector for Abraham Lincoln, Civil War heroes, lawyers and judges, a Governor, and well respected members of society.

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Internationally known for rocking the microphone, Betas are equally known for their ability to straight up 'clown' on anyone. Prominant figures like John Wooden, Peyton Manning, Robert Hall, and Colin Powell are all alums.

Dude #1: Is that the president of the united state being clowned on by some betas?

Dude #2: Yeah, Beta Theta Pi man.

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the beta theta pi chapter at Wash U in St. Louis was established in 1869. the chapter has a very high proportion of homosexual members and therefore, has a gay reputation. The straight beta members were usually rushees that unfortunately did not receive bids from any other house. On campus, beta is known for being somewhat desperate for members when rush comes around, and usually gives bids to any random rushee that comes to any one of their events. Their parties are somewhat not up to par with the other houses. There are very limited accommodations and their main foam party is regarded as a very disgusting experience, to say the least. Freshmen may show up to some of their parties being ignorant of the frat's reputation, but they almost always never go back to another beta party after their freshman year. Although there are many nice people in beta, the fraternity is honestly seen as one of the weakest houses on campus. Incomparable to the best houses (in my opinion and in no particular order ie, Sigma Chi's, ZBT's, Sammy's)

Freshman #1: Hey, did you get a bid from anywhere?

Freshman #2: Beta Theta Pi

Freshman #1: Oh, I'm sorry,..well look on the bright side, that's one more bid than I thought you would get.

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A fraternity commonly know for being a haven for meterosexuals. Usually accepts anyone as a pledge. Infamous in greek circles for its "baby elephant walk" initiation event.

"Hey have you seen the new Beta Theta Pi rush shirts"

"Ya! They are baby blue polos with pink lettering"

"Dope man! Can't wait to pop that collar"

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