What is Bevans?


a word used to describe an IT teacher who is pretty cool; However, this same teacher has a tendency to blow up and go Sub-Zero on your ass.

1. Have you seen our new computer teacher?

2. No, not yet. Whats he like?

1. Ah man, he's so bevans!

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all you guys are gimps. bevans is your beer.

bevan = beer. bevans = beers

sinking bevans = your a lad.

note: sinking chic's drinks does not give you a ladsy status. it must be bevans only. notably TEDS VB or CARTLON

lad: oi tomo mate why arnt you sinking bevans

non ladsy homma: ahh matey i like the chics drinks

lad: you used to be the bevan sinking king, now your the pussy smirnoff double black king

non ladsy homma: aight mate but atleast they taste good

lad: fuck you i prefer bevans. lads on.

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