What is Beyonceitis?


Beyonceitis is the destruction of your career by the overall power of Beyonce Knowles. Beyonceitis is a serious disease that has destroyed the careers of several artists although a few have been able to have successful careers in spite of it. Beyonceitis is also used to describe the overall domination of popular culture by Beyonce Knowles. Beyonceitis is most severe on artists who attempt to release albums around the same time as Beyonce or perform on the same award shows as Beyonce. Doing so has resulted in the embarrassment of several female artists. Some describe it as Beyonce being overexposed, or as Beyonce having a monopoly on the music game, but truthfully if you are a good enough performer you would shine regardless of who else you are in competition with.

Beyonceitis is a problem that embarrasses a lot of people. No one wants to admit that one person has caused so much destruction. No one wants to admit that one person has bitch-slapped (with her ring hand) the entire music industry. If you suffer from Beyonceitis do not worry. Do not feel ashamed. Beyonce shits on a lot of people. You are not alone. There is help. There is hope.

History of Beyonceitis

If one looks in the history of female entertainers they've either fallen into one of two categories: 1. Singers 2. Entertainers. The thinking behind the two groups being either you were singer who couldn't dance or a dancer who couldn't sing. (You wouldn't go to a Whitney Houston concert for dance moves, and you wouldn't go to a Janet Jackson concert for singing) Then came Beyonce, an artist who could sing AND entertain. This made it difficult for the singers because they not only had to struggle to find strong enough songs to compensate for the fact that they were boring live performers, and the entertainers had to find music (or gimmicks) strong enough to compensate for the fact that they couldn't sing worth a damn. Then came Beyonce.

Symptoms of Beyonceitis

How do you know if you are infected by Beyonceitis? Here are some warning sign to look for:

Your album sales have dropped.

Your record label has been pushing your album back since Bush Sr. was in office.

Your record label has dropped you.

Your record label has tried to buy you out of your contract for $35, and a pack of Newports.

Go to YouTube, and do a search for one of your videos, and see if Beyonce's name is randomly bought up in the discussion.

Your fans refer to Beyonce as "Fatonce", "Bitchonce", Weavyonce, or some variation with the suffix "-yonce".

To find out more about Beyonceitis and to see if you're a potential victim.

Famous Cases of Beyonceitis




Christina Aguilera


Janet Jackson

Keri Hilson


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