What is Beyondart?


Beyondart is the highest thing man can incorporate into her/his life. Art, philosophy, spirituality are the second highest things able to be incorporated. The highest aspect of beyondart which incorporates art, philosophy and spirituality is the photographing of images of pareidoliafound in naturally formed shadows. That anyone can do this adds to it, rather than detracts from it. That anyone can appreciate beyondart and judge it is an additional bonus. One does not have to be aquainted with the entire art field to judge it, as one does with art. It enables anyone to not only produce art works beyond art in originality, beauty, and mystery, but It democratizes art and adds to it's beyondart categorization. It bypasses the politics that infiltrates art. In addition to the look of the beyondart work, these images are projections from ones unconscious mind, and if one photographs shadows, one will see friends, relatives, sacred images or whatever is in ones unconscious revealed. These images are projected from the unconscious, and toward the individual at the same time. "If you stares into an abyss long enough the abyss stares back into you." (F. Nietzsche). This lack of separation not only shows the unity and lack of separation existing in the universe, but also shows the solipsistic nature of the universe. If more people would experiment with this phenomenon and realize the profundity it shows, war, enemys, evil and other negative concepts would be seen as existent only in man's scapegoating nature and war and other negative phenomena would disappear. These images are created by nature, not man, so they have beyond the perfection of nature in them. They are truly the art in nature. Since these images are patterns, they serve no functional purpose as other natural objects do. This frees these images from natural restrictions. Although everything in natue is beautiful, the look of natural objects is limited by their need to function, and this restricts their artistic abstraction. Most often in nature objects have symmetry that is not present in pareidolic images. These photographs of pareidolia do not have the rubber stamping similarity from canvas to canvas that even the greatest art works have. The greatest artists may have different periods of style, but within any period many works look very similar. Pareidolic images have perfect tao-flow lines that no human artist is capable of. As Andre Gide said,"Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better." Although pareidolia may be photograped in wood grain, marble. smoke, clouds, fire, or just about anywhere, the most artistic and detailed pareidolia have been photographed in natural shadows cast by trees. One such photograph has at least thirty- five features corresponding to a human face, neck and shoulders in size, shape, and placement. Not only are these works beyondart, they are beyond science, beyond words, they are even beyond music, and beyond ideas and anything which takes "time," as time is illusionary. Beyondart pareidolic images are as close to a slice of the instantaneous eternal here and now as we are likely to see on earth. Natural beyond artwork from the highest source in the universe. Unfathomabile, ineffable, beyond beyond.

See pareidolia images of natural shadows cast by trees for works of beyondart.


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