What is Bffn?


best friends for now

loltms10:lyke omg, did you see Nicoles's new best friend today?

sunchips4eva: You mean Sam? Oh, him and Nicole are only bffn.

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Best Friend for now; A temporary bff

Bree's bffn is Adriana, until she finds out that Adriana has chlamydia.

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just like the abbreviation BFFE- best friends for ever except this is "best friends for now".

WOW u have a PS3!! we are so BFFN!!

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A "Best Friend For Never". A person who might have been your BFF at some point but may have caused too much drama in your life so now said-person is out and has become your BFFN

Marie and Jamie used to be BFFs, Jamie still thinks they are but Marie knows that they're BFFNs

"When you think things are getting better, remember we're best friends for never" ~ Dropout Year

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"Best Friend For Never" the opposite of BFF

Kat and Sam are BFFN because, Kat stole Sam's boyfriend.

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