What is Bgb?


black girl booty.

Dayyyummm nigga check out dat chick's BGB!

See donk, booty, junk in the trunk, ba-donk-a-donk, ass


bgb = babe got boobs

dang! she's a BGB

See babe, got, boobs, bgb, chick, hottie, hot, milf


Big Game Bottler. Used when a good player fails to perform at a high level in a Big Game (against good opponents), thus rendering him a BGB that only plays well against mediocre/bad opposition.

-The game yesterday proved Cristiano Ronaldo to be a BGB!

-No way, he scored the only goal and played superbly!

See overrated, football, underrated, player, sports


Boys, Girls, or Both



See gay, straight, bi, lesbian, bisexual, homosexual


Big gay bitch

Tom is a bgb.

See big, gay, bitch, slang, gayness


An abbreviation of Big Gay Bear which is a term referring to a large, camp person (normally male). This word was first brought into existence when Sam Wilkes first joined Bradford University's Squash Club and it would cost to much to have Big Gay Bear printed on his shirt.

What's the BGB done now?

BGB was thrown out for twatting a bouncer!


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