What is Bh?


Big Hugs

B = (big) H = (hugs)

Person A - Hi

Person B - Hi,bh

Person A - awwwwwww, bh to you too

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abbreviation for Bong Hits

Dude, lets take some bh's after work


Bobble-head. Racial term used to refer to people of Asian descent. When they cannot understand English language all they do is bob or nod their heads. Usually accompanied by a smile and strange look.

Look at that BH, he doesnt know what your talking about!

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This means Bloody Hell!!!!!

BH man!!! You drove into a house!!

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"Bitch Hypocrite" Also known as Brenda's blood type and replacement for ph level in her body.

Geeze somebody buy some new deodarant for Brenda because her BH level is through the roof!!!

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Best Hommies

you are with a friend or a girl friend and before you separate you say BH meaning we best hommies or best friends

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A short abbreviation for Banana hammock, commonly known as a speedo. Often seen on male swimmers, and on beaches in Europe.

Ew! that guy is wearing a BH. He should get some board shorts instead.

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