Bhagat Singh

What is Bhagat Singh?


Martyr From India Gave His Life for Indian Independence. When he was just 21 years old ... His popularity rose to that of Mahatama gandhi when he was jus 20.British feared him so much that after hanging him they cut his body parts n threw them in river so that no1 could recognise it.. He WENT ON HUNGER STRIKE AGAINST BRITISH GOVERNMENT OVER DISCRIMINATION IN PRISON WHICH LASTED 61 DAYS YES I M WRITE 61 DAYS

Legend Of Bhagat Singh

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An Indian terrorist. Bhagat was an absolute incompetent fool, who ran into the British parliament, threw a bomb, and was pronounced a freedom fighter. wow, speechless.

The guy who posted above me, is a typical bhuggu supporter; an uneducated, Hillary Clinton supporting bafoon. STOP BUTCHERING MY LANGUAGE ASSWIPE.

Bhagat Singh = god

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