What is Bhangra?


The up-tempo style of music originating in the Punjab region of Northern India and Pakistan. Origianlly the rhymes and drum songs performed by Wheat Farmers during and after the harvest season. Contemporary interpretations of classic songs have had a large impact on the charts. Can also describe the traditional style of dance performed by the same ethnic group at traditional ceremonies.

Even though Kevin is White, he can still Bhangra like Gurdas Maan or Jassi from B21.


1. the dance that originates from Punjab (India, Pakistan) but is known in Western world

2. cultural dance by farmers during the festival of "vaisaakhi" wheat harvesting season (13th April)

3. dance with "dhol" (original)

4. doorway to attract a punjabanin weddings, festivals and other social events

5. upbeat dance with remixes that varies from punjabimusic to reggae, hiphop, and desi music

Jagrup: "I want to marry a guy who knows bhangra...he doesn't have to be a punjabi


A dance that is performed excellently by Punjabi Sikhs. Punjabis have been performing bhangra ever since they had created it themselves. Most parties today are full of punjabi people doing bhangra. The common Hindu person is not really good at doing bhangra, but hey, what can we say, they try.

"hey are those a bunch of hindus doing some crazy bhangra"

-"no they are punjabis, because if they were hindus they wouldn't be doing as good as those people on stage."


heavy music!!!!

kangna by dr zeus


A type of primitive indian dance that is getting popular with the indian crowd in the US. . . unfortunately.

It involves twisting the wrists, but it resembles turning a light bulb and molesting a dog. Usually the dance is accompanied by equally primitive singing which sounds like "honky dinky dinky dinky dinky honky dinky dinky..."

Me: look at all those indians across the street dressed in their robes. they they were just out for a night of bhangra dancing.

Friend: what is their problem? do us Asians get together and go lion/dragon dancing for fun on weekends?

Me: screw that, the curry is just getting to their heads.

See brown noise, indian, curry


a horrible sound usually heard blasting from the tastefully modified vehicles of our asian friends. see brown noise

man that bhangra makes me shit its just brown noise

See brown, noise, pakis out


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