Bia Bia

What is Bia Bia?


punk, bitch, weakling

Man, u cant even cheat on tha test, u a lil bia


slang for bitch, can be found most popular in lil john's song "Bitch", normally used to describe someone who has a bad attitude or is just being difficult to deal with in general

It's ok, bia bia gonna get hers...

See bitch, difficult, ass, punk


A beyeatch, that is such a beyeatch that you have to repeat it at least twice.

"Bia Bia, don't be such a bia bia and suck this ween... Oh snap! You bia bia bia, you didn't have to bite it."


1:another way to call someone a bitch

2: a song lil jon sings

bia bia shut the hell up

"why u acting like a like bia bia!"

See bitch, pussy, homo, wuss, punk


hey bitch

hey bia

See carrie


Bia Bia, stop actin like a biatch and put yo hands up!

See Nico


A stupid way of saying Bitch

Jon "Dat bia bia just pissed on the floor"

Bruce "Bia bia?"

Jon "Yayahhhh, it means bitch!"

Bruce "Your an idiot"

See bia bia, lil jon, bitch, female dog, idiot


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