Bible Study

What is Bible Study?


this is codeword for smoking weed...good to use in notes at school or on the phone.

Person 1: You coming to bible study at the park tonight?

Person 2: Hell yeah man!!! I got 50 hot in that shit!

Person 1: Strait, I'm making a stop at the preacher's house after school. You should ride.


The initials of bible study are B.S.

B.S. also stands for Butt sex

John: hey you wanna go to the movies tomorrow

Julio: no, i already told Jake that i would have bible study with him at his house.

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When a group of people get together and smoke weed.

"Whos up for a bible study?"

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Euphamism for masturbation.

dude A: Where's Sam?

dude B: Studying the bible. He'll be done soon.


Study the Bible, If you dont read it then you shall be in trouble

Man1: Hey, you want to study the holy book?

Man2: Yeah, can I bring some mates

Man1: Too right!

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