What is Bic?


An acronym for "Believe it Comrade". (1) Used when someone questions the validity of a claim or statement that has been made. (2) Used to reinforce a claim or statement. See also (DNBiC].

Person 1: "I once saw the big boss glory hole a Roma Gypsy on a train to Slovakia"

Person 2: "No way!"

Person 3: "BiC!!!"

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A 'Bic' is the most common type of lighter available. Tried, trusted and relatively inexpensive, its the only type of lighter I use.

"Pass me the Bic, so I can light my cone."

See Diego


Main Entry: BIC

Pronunciation: 'bik

Function: trademark

Etymology: from the shortened version of the family name of the company’s founder, Marcel Bich.

-- used for disposable pens, lighters and razors

Main Entry: BIC

Pronunciation: 'bik

Function: transitive verb

Etymology: from BIC

1 : to shave with a BIC disposable razor

2 : to shave with any wet razor (disposable and/or cartridge)

Hey, your head is very smooth today. Did you clip it or did you BIC it?

I BIC'd it.

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Bic is something that is surprising,important,or excellent.

"Dude did you see that, that shit was bic!"

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1. Butt In Chair

used commonly for writers, when they should just sit down and write.

1. I should keep my BIC if I want to finish this novel.

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'Bic' is how people from east Asia say 'bitch'. Especially countries such as Vietnam and China, due to them not being able to pronounce 'tch' properly.

Vietnamese person named Boklau: "FACK YOU BIC! U VERY CHIP!" Translation: "FUCK YOU BITCH! YOU'RE VERY CHEAP!"

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bic, verb. to steal one's lighter. (a bic lighter)

-used with marijuana smoking

you bicced me!, thats the last time i let you use my lighter.

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