What is Biddo?


the name given to a native of the southern maine town of biddeford by students of the local university.

That guy has lived in biddeford his whole life and he still can't tell you how to get to the beach, what a biddo

See townie, lazy dog, redneck, hard worker


guy, man, hottie, bastard, man whore, hottie with a boddie.

a guy who is referred to as a biddo by a girl.

Yo girl, i saw a mad biddo at the gym working out.

Damnnn, that biddo is fine.

Oh wow, check it out, that biddo is jacked.

Hey girlfriend, lets go to the party, Sally said there were gonna be mad hott biddos there.

See bido, biddo, guy, man


A sick game played by the folk of Sapphire (a place in Coffs Harbour, Australia) wher people jump on trampoline & people surrounding trampoline try to hit them with a ball

hey lets go play biddo, the best game ever


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