What is Bidenism?


n. 1. often capitalized: a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Bidenisti) that practices the art of committing public humiliation to themselves and other prominent public officials.

2: a tendency toward or exercise of strong defamation of public servants, often accompanied by forming both of one's hands into pistols and cocking them back as to replicate the firing of a gun.

A transcript, which took place one day after Chief Justice John Roberts improperly administered the Oath of Office by forgetting the words, from President Barack Obama's first address to his new incoming White House staff, Vice President Joe Biden engages in Bidenism.

Obama: "Joe would you like to administer the oath?"

Biden: "Am I doing this again?"

Obama: "For the senior staff."

Biden: "For the senior staff? Alright."

Biden reaches to get a copy of the oath to read to the senior staffers.

Biden: "My memory is not as good as Justice Roberts."

Biden forms both hands into pistols and shoots.

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