What is Bideo?


The mexican way of saying "video" or "videos"

"Eh Pedro, lets go to the bideo store Im bored."

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A child's word for 'video'. This is acceptable to be used up until about three years of age, after that, it's not cute, it's retarded. Another example is Bolleyball (Volleyball). This 'word' for young children will soon become extinct, just as the VHS has.

Kid: Can we get a bideo, mummy?

Mum: V, V, VIDEO!

Kid: V, V- BIDEO!

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El Paso slang for porn

Marc: Hey Joe I'm bored lets go watch some bideos on your computer?

Joe: Don't you mean video?

Marc; Nah, bideo. I need to rub one out tonight

Joe: Alrite, I heard the new Jenna one is amazing. I'll get tissues you bring the lube

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