What is Bidet?


A Polish drinking fountain.

I apologize to Poland for that.


An automatic ass cleaner using water at a water temperature and power of your choice. Can be installed as a completely different comode or in the same toilet seat itself. The evolution from using standard toilet paper and digging into your arse hole to remove that brown excrement.

"If you're still using toilet paper you're living in the 19th century and beyond. Wake up you bastards and get a bidet. NO HANDS needed to dig into your ass. When your done hosing your ass down, just PAT dry with a single square of TP."

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instrument resembeling a miniture bath or large urinal, used to cleanse excrement from ones filthy posterior

this is a job for a bidet


A very clever and hygienic idea. Originally made for women in their periodthat were to lazy to take a shower.

But you guys don't know that it is also a masturbationdevice. I strongly recomend this to anorgasmic girls.

It works this way:

1.sit down without underwear,

2.regulate the warm shower,

3.slightly move to find the correct position, I mean, on your clitoris or close to it... and hum! wow... that's pretty fast!

-- Vicky, get out of there I really gotta piss!

-- *in the bathroom* Leave me alone! I'm cleaning my cunt! Ooooh yeahhh!I love the bidet!

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When one is being excessively feminine and or a big gaping asshole they are said to be "on the bidet"

"Haha I had sex with your mom last night"

"Dude get off the bidet"

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Its when you do a girl on her back. When shes about to squirt, you stand up and squat over her and let her squirt you in the butt.

"She just bideted me in the butt"

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a hose to wash ur ass after you take a shet. extremely soothing

i started to use my bidet after ever shit and i never felt any cleaner!

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