What is Bidgood?



A sexually explicit act first coined by Megan Bidgood of New Jersey.

The requires the use of a spork and baked ziti.

The Bidgood is performed in the following way:

A man must first eat more than his fair share of baked ziti. After doing so, he is than requested to throw up the noodle dish into the woman's vagina. Once this task has been completed, the man must then take a spork and litterally, "Spork it out" and eat it.

The act of Bidgooding has been banned in 3 Countries, 12 U.S. States, and dozens of individual towns and cities.

Boy: I just got all this wonderful baked ziti!

Girl: You did, did you? ;) (Winky face, implies sexual gestures and actions ahead)

Boy: I sure did! LETS BIDGOOD!

*Boy eats baked ziti*

*Girl gets naked and spreads her leg*

*Boy pukes his brains out into the girl's vagina*

Boy: This looks delicious!

*Boy grabs spork and begins enjoying the delicious treat*

Boy: Now spork it out! Now spork it out!


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A very hobo-like principal who has a flatscreen computer, that the school has paid for. In the meanwhile, the school has holes in the wall, and the cafeteria lady is deaf in one ear. Tisk Tisk

Bidgood needs to see you in his office, haha!


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