What is Big?


used to describe something as great, really good

oh that tune is big man

See cool, heavy, nang, wicked, brilliant


An event that is described as a large occurance.

i bought a ferrari. thats big

See large, great, crazy, live, cool


In a sororityor fraternity, a big is given to an individual who is then a little.

I love my big! She's so cool!

See sorority, fraternity, line number, ism, greeky


A word used to denote the appearence of something.

It can be used positively or negatively, and it can be used to show that satisifaction is derived or shocked is apparent after seeing something that is 'big'.

Sometimes the word big is confused with fat. Please consult the examples.


"He is big": whenever you may hears when a person saying this actually means that the person is making a positive comment. If a women says this whe she has looked at something which she finds pleasing, like a mans figure. This statement could also refer to a mans endowment; which a women finds satisfying. So, try to think of the word 'big' when refered to men as not that a man is fat, but rather one who has a well-shaped and/or one that is hung, where there both width and thickness of his form and his endowment which the beholder behinds pleasing. In this example the word 'big' shows an personal interest in an appeasing, satisifying male.

A negative example of 'big':

Alisha: what do you you think of that guy?

Susan: who him, hes big?

Alisha: So what he is big?

Susan: look at him, hes a little on the fat side!

Big and fat are not to be confused, because big is used when speaking of muscle (the figure generally) and endowment.

See hung, fat, muscle, endowment


Adjective. Not little.

"My dick is big."

"Your tits are big."

"Yo ass is big momma."


the opposite of small...

also known as large

Hello ladies, did you know my cock is big.

See bigpun2


(Short for Big Boy) Street term for 80mg Oxycontin tablet. The term comes from it being the highest potency available.(the 160mg tabs were discontinued)

I just did a big, so I'm pretty fucked up.

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