Big Bear

What is Big Bear?


A strong beer coming in 40 oz bottles. Cheap and tasty, perfect for getting the job done.

I went camping the other weekend and just brought up a cooler of big bears, they kept me going all weekend.

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A strong, powerful male figure. Regarded as a stable, balanced person.

You: Hey Big bear! How's it going?

BB : Um... not bad...

You: Great!!

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A tall boy, usually with a fair bit of hair on the head and body. One would be on the gay side abit but is caring and is a understanding , called Understanding Bear.

The hair colour is a dirty blonde or brown.

Girl - awwwww hes such a Big Bear


Boy - OMG look at that Dude over there he must be Big Bear

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the sweetest, cutest, funniest, bestest boy in the world. The only one for lil bear. The only one lil bear will love forever.

big bear is mean't to be with lil bear.<3

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means cocaine. that pure rocky shit. only cut you'll find in big bear is that acitone or ether made when processed.

yo my nigga u got big bear???


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