Big Bob

What is Big Bob?


Big Bob is the name of Kelly Clarkson's Ass. (no joke)

One of her friends named her butt 'Big Bob' because it's just so damn big!!

-A Conversation over Kelly Clarkson-

Ashley(Lesbian): Omg....who is that over there??

Emma(Lesbian): Oh, thats Kelly Clarkson.Isn't she just Beautiful??

Ashley: I know that silly!I'm talking about her ass.Oh my gosh....It's...AMAZING!!

Emma: Yeah...Thats Big Bob.A friend of her gave her butt that name.

Ashley: For real?Her hot ass has a name??

Emma: Why don't you go and ask her since you don't believe me....

Ashley: Ok then.

*Ashley walks over to Kelly Clarkson*

Ashley: Excuse me, you're Kelly Clarkson right?

Kelly Clarkson: Yes I am.What can I do for you?

Ashley: friend told me that your butt had a name....Is it Big Bob?

Kelly Clarkson: Yes, it is.....You came over here to ask me about my butt?

Ashley: Yes....I'm sorry if that was wrong of me...I'll go now...

Kelly Clarkson: No girl, it's fine!....Just like you are...

Ashley: What?

Kelly Clarkson: Uhh...Nothing!See ya! *walks away fast*

*Ashley walks back to Emma*

Emma: So....Was I right?

Ashley: Yes you were....And I think Kelly Clarkson just hit on me...

Emma: WHAT??

*Kelly Clarkson peeks around the corner*

Ashley: Yeah...She said I looked fine.

Emma: *looks at Ashley*.....And you let her get away?!Go get that ass Ashley!!

*Ashley runs to find Kelly Clarkson*

See ass, sexy, lebian


Man who used to live in the woods of Schenectady, NY. He has committed acts such as trying to wack off Mr. Marcus Malibu when he went to take a piss, walks in on Malibu having sex regularly, and banged a man named JT Sweet up the ass at a party, in which many people watched it go down.

Yo man, you better watch out for Big Bob bro.


Big Bob is the man who did me (JT Sweet) up the ass at a hotel party.

Big Bob is inserting his penis into my rectum!


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