Big Cat

What is Big Cat?


It's that guy Ed McKenna.

1:"Yo it's big cat!"

2:"Whose Big Cat?"

1:"Ed McKenna, jack ass."


Big Cat is a over-weight older women who is looking for a male drunk enough to take her home. The Big Cat is similar to the Cougar, though its prey need not be a male with vigor or youth. The Big Cat normally waits quietly in a corner stalking its prey. The Big Cat can also be found in a Big Cat Kindle which is a group of two or more Big Cats; the Big Cat Kindle can also contain Cougars.

Did you hear Wilson woke up with a hang-over and a Big Cat sleeping in his bed last night? Yup, the Big Cat pounced on him at last call after watching him take 15 shots.

See cougar, big cat, big girl, urban cougar


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