What is Big Floppy Donkey Dick?


Its a phallus. Its most likely large, and quite floppish.

Also, used often do to the manner in which it rolls off the tongue.

I truly desire to be in posession of a big floppy donkey dick. Mines tiny and under-used.


Just what it sounds like....

"That donkey has a really big, floppy dick!"


1) The large sexual organ a male donkey has

2) A colloquial term for a gentleman's large phallus

3) A variation upon the British game 'Bogies' wherein members of the class/group have to shout 'Big Floppy Donkey Dick' as loudly as possible without either being caught doing so or getting embarresed in the process. The winner is the person who shouts it the loudest.

Jack: (loudly) BIG FLOPPY DONKEY DICK!!!

Teacher: Get out Jack!!

Dave: Ha ha ha...

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Insult to someone who is a whore.

You see that slut. She's so nasty she would suck a big floppy donkey dick.

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i have 1 it is great it gets stuff under the skin, it smells. I like to play with it


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