Big Fred

What is Big Fred?


When you can't tell if one of your homies is gay or not. You always wonder if he is hitting on you or just screwing around.

Dude, I can't tell. Lately he's been seeming like a big fred.


1.) noun: The title of a young adult novel by author Robert Schark.

2.) noun: An enormous Lowland Gorilla with massive muscles and a gentle heart. The main character of Schark's novel.

3.) noun: An extra large joint or Kingston Cigar.

1.) Big Fred, a YA novel, was written by Robert Schark.

2.) The main character of Big Fred is Big Fred, a Lowland gorilla taken prisoner by evil research scientists.

3.) "Joe and I are going downstairs to 'hang out with Big Fred.'"

See fred, wooly bully, blunt


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