Big Kahuna

What is Big Kahuna?



1. An individual who is can be described as a big shot. A very general term, and there are no distinctions, i.e. a pimp can be referred to as a Big Kahuna, and so can the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. It doesn't matter that they are different types of sleaze.

See Grand Moff.

1. So the Big Kahuna of 22nd and Federal said $500 per hour, and I said, "For a bag of herpes?" and I flashed him some bling-bling-my platinumchain. And he dropped it to $250.

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A turd that is solid and long. It will be tapered at both ends, like a large joint. These usually leave a clean first wipe when performed well and may require more than one flush to get it down Mr Toilet Bowl's hole. These are ideal, friendly turds. A shitter's best friend.

I ate 7 meals yesterday and as soon as I woke up, a Big Kahuna was begging to be released. I shat it out and praised god for his wonderful mercy.

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an important or authorative person (from kahuna, the native Hawiian term for a healer/priest)

The big kahuna has taken the enviornment into consideration.

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An obese woman, preferably 260+ lbs., who happens to be a slut. This woman ends up pimping out at least 2 younger males, too drunk to comprehend what they are doing, and takes advantage of them. The next morning, the Big Kahuna tells all their friends what happened the night before, causing embarassement and hilarity.

"Hey man, I heard you hit the Big Kahuna!"

Or simply, do the hang loose sign and say "Big Kahuna" to her victims.

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A man with an extremely large penis. Can also be used to refer to a man's unit if very large. Extreme girth, with at least 9 inches in length.

That dude is a big kahuna. What a Big Kahuna!

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